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 Server rules

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PostSubject: Server rules   Server rules Icon_minitimeWed Feb 22 2012, 23:35

• No racial disrimination or racist remarks. RP racism towards other in-game races is acceptable.
• No mindless spamming
• No griefing
• No sharing account information
• No use of hacked or modified clients that give you an unfair advantage such as X-raying and Flying.
• No world grafitti or vandalism
• No destroying of the worlds landscape or beauty – cobblestone forts or other ugly structures are bannable offenses.
• No innapropriate usernames
• No power-gaming or meta-gaming will be tolerated. [this includes unapproved use of RP magic]
• You must keep in character
• You must always play in character as this is an RP server
• Abusing of bugs for your betterment will get you banned, that is including block jumping.
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Server rules
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