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PostSubject: Application form   Application form Icon_minitimeThu Mar 15 2012, 19:49

It is the year 1253. In the middle of the great woods of Ravendahl a city rises up into the sky. In that city heroes were born, people where executed, things were sold. And then, one day, you were born there too. Choose YOUR path and your destiny. Do you want to be a warrior, a guard, a trademan, a hunter,... ? Everything is possible! Or you can live in the woods, robbing other people! Become a king!

So me and some friends decided to start a roleplay server and we want to give you possibilities to grow in the world. You can be poor, rich, whatever you like (you earn your money yourself though). Be fair, be a liar, everything is possible. However, we do serious roleplay and we don't like metagaming at all! Don't use violence because you like it.

In order to join we need you to write a good application form.


[B]Your character's background:[/B]
[B]Character's skin:[/B]

Based on that we will approve or disapprove your application. You only get three chances to better your application form if it isn't good.
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PostSubject: Re: Application form   Application form Icon_minitimeThu Mar 15 2012, 20:38

Maybe add a bit for their characters personality and skills?
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PostSubject: Re: Application form   Application form Icon_minitimeFri Mar 30 2012, 07:22

Bio for a friend since Yogiverse is being a ***hole and not letting him log in.

IGN: SmokierGryfter
Name; Scorpion
Race: Warforged

Bio: Created long long ago, by ancient dwarves, in a small clan, needing protection. Scorpion was built with a human heart and partially human mind, so he has a better understanding of what emotions are. Scorpion was originally named Arns-448, but was renamed when the dwarves were attacked by a group of giant scorpions. Using a sword that was build into his arm, he cut down all threats and saved the dwarves from harm. Unfortunately, the dwarves died of hunger, while in the freezing wastes. Scorpion, built for traveling, pressed on, discovering Castem after wandering for around 17 years. There he remained unknown, put in stasis, until someone found him. The elements did no damage to him, and all he could do was wait. A century passed. Castem changed, grew and new people came and went. Finally a young woman named Amakai discovered him under the temple of Chor (Spawn). By accident, she woke him from stasis, and now... Well... Now he walks again. Acting as a human would, talking, eating, and going through a daily life. This is where it all begins for him.

Tada please enjoy, and I will help him through the server if he is whitelisted!
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PostSubject: Application   Application form Icon_minitimeThu Apr 26 2012, 13:29



Your character's background:He was born 1227 in the country of Hellas. He grew up learning the ways of the thief and warrior from his father. When he was 13 his mother fell ill and died. When he turned 17, his father fell ill and Demetrius took care of him as much as possible. But it wasn't enough. 2 months later his father died. Demetrius then left his hometown in search of a new life in this city. He lives in the woods surviving from whatever he can find from wanderers, merchants, houses etc by either stealing or selling them, or even both.

Character's skin:Dark grey hooded jacket with with a knapsack and brown pants, brown eyes, looks like an assassin/wandering merchant. It seems inspired by assassins creed.
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PostSubject: Re: Application form   Application form Icon_minitime

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Application form
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